Art is for everyone

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Design On Demand

Art for everyone

Design Brand Identity

Build a beautiful brand, right time and right budget.

Create layouts and designs

that works for right project.

Create a stunning poster

that supports your loved one.

We love the World Wide Web and CSS or HTML

to be your one stop web studio: email template and UX design..


Design on Demand


Email Marketing

Drive brand awareness for your company, events, content, and more with GftArt Email Marketing Services. You pick the provider and let us do the rest including technical and design.

Starting from $5

Product Photography

Send us a product and we create your own unique restaurant menu, furniture brochure, food and beverages postcard, ultimate soul recipe. Simply buy us a cup of coffee to get your product photo and review only for you!

Starting from $3

Web Design

An impressive website could be out of your hand, until now. The Simple Site is a painless and stunning web design solution. Plus, GftArt offers 3 creation plans to fit only for your business needs and to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Starting from $165
GftArt_Brochure DesignGftArt Brochure Design

Mailer Design

From the quick menu to the direct mail piece, at GftArt we aims to create your end-user feeling that could toward their memory to your brand. Simply fill out the form and our graphic designers will reach out to you. No need to contact your mailer service for measurement.

Starting from $50
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